Five Years Later

Five years later...Well life has completely changed, to say the least. I’ve been quite busy. I've divorced and am no longer trapped in an unhappy marriage. My beautiful angel of a daughter is growing up too quickly and is about to be a 4th grader. We've moved to a small town and I have a big beautiful ring on my finger! Oh yeah, and a fiancĂ©.
Just kidding, of course the FiancĂ© biz is much more important than the ring thing! This may be a Blog, but I still am not completely keen on the whole “telling too much personal business” to the world. I was blessed to meet a wonderful man who makes me laugh, trusts and respects me, loves Christ, and also is the dreamiest hunk I've ever known! He truly takes care of Lyric and me like I never expected. I couldn’t believe I was so blessed to have met such an intelligent man that I could talk to for hours about everything from politics and WWII to Knights Templar and serial killers. It is wonderful to have a partner who is your best frie…

10 Things I want my daughter to know about life

For my precious Lyric

10. Serve God, Love God, and Mend. Shakespeare’s quote from Much Ado about Nothing was said from a man to a woman “serve God, love me, and mend”…But until you find THAT “man” always abide by the other version. No matter what is happening in your life, and no matter how unpopular it is to serve God, …do! You will be a happier person and it will mend all internal wombs.

9. Always use a strong hand shake… it leaves lasting impression. It represents self-confidence and ambition. A strong hand shake and eye contact exemplifies a mutual respect for one another and is a sign that you are friendly, trustworthy, and honest. Always Always Always look people in the eye when you talk to them.

8. If you have the ability, always do what you can to fight for people who are unable to fight for themselves, regardless of who they are. Do not sit back and watch bad things happen or said to someone without speaking up to protect that weaker person. It is the decent thing to do.

7. …

Busy, yet blessed!

It’s been a busy few months for this momma!

I must catch you up on the Brunson household. Eric is working more than ever, though it does pay off ; ) My little girl turned three : ( And I have put a hold on teaching my own fitness/bootcamp classes and am currently working with P31 Fitness: ) Of course, working for someone else, I make less moola ; just thinking it is for a good cause and will eventually pay off.

I have a new addiction. My marvelous parents gave me a Canon EOS Rebel that I cannot stop snapping away. I am so amazed at the astounding pictures it takes. Thank you mom and dad! Now I just need to learn how to use it when it isn’t in “Auto”. Truly loving the zoom lens also!

When I was young, I used to think our family Christmas tradition was silly. We do the same thing each year and have done it this way since…well since I can remember. Do you have a Christmas tradition, or does your family just “get together”? As you grow older the tradition becomes so important and ne…

So much work, for something so little.

Too many things I want to do. Too many ideas in my head.
I told my mother the other day, “Life is too short to do the same thing every day.” I do not miss being locked in an office, or typing the same old reports every day. There is now another title I may add to my resume along with mother, police officer, fitness trainer, cook, chauffer, social worker, writer, drummer, artist, and wife. I may now add Published Author! Today is very exciting for me. I have written since I was in high school; and still have those short stories on a floppy disk (old). I have written down everything that has made some kind of an impression on my life. Every time I see something so beautiful that I can barely describe; I grab a pen and paper and somehow the words just appear. I want to write and write and write. I got tired of writing stories and articles for other people ( so that they may publish “my” work. Freelance writing doesn’t pay that well ; )
My daughter inspired me to try writin…

My oh my, how she is my ... darling

I have been absent from Blogging for over a month! My life has been fairly chaotic lately, with my husband working longer hours, my freelance work picking up, my bootcamp continuing, and my butterfly princess keeping my on my toes.
My daughter is often reminding me of my poor choice of words and my reactions to everything. I find it to be the greatest blessing to be able to stay at home with my sweet daughter. Though with each passing day she picks up on one more of my “many” habits. Her favorite thing to say at this moment is, (and please forgive me) “Oh My God.” And she says it with total theatrics.
Sample dialog:
Momma, “What are we going to do tomorrow?
Lyric, “I’m gonna make a BIG mess and you’re gonna say, OH My Gaaaawd.”

Today I cut out some paper butterflies using cutsie scrapbook paper. We lay out an old blanket on the living room floor and dig out the acrylics and paint brushes. Together we painted all of the butterflies (the blank sides). It was loads of fun and very me…

Baby Shower Baking

My BFF's baby shower is today and I had the honor of creating the cupcakes. I spent so much time online looking at ideas for cutsie cupcakes. After much research I finally made a decision... There will be plenty of Pink and Cutsie baby stuff there already! Im going with super yummy instead of pretty.
These are the flavors I chose!
Peanutbutter nuget, and chocolate icing sprinkled with reeses cups.
Chocolate icing with snickers, caramel, and nuget.
White chocolate and marshmellow with cream filling!

Friday the 13th? So What!

It must really suck to fear an entire day just because of the number that represents it. I have never been superstitious for two reasons; one being that my parents taught me that it is not Christian manner to fear what is in Gods control, it is Christian to have faith. Another reason is because it must be miserable to live life fearing everything. I know through experience and sheer faith that FEAR is a GIFT from God. He will give it to you when it is needed and it will not feel like the simple anxiety that you get from the title that Atheists have stamped on a day. You will feel it in your throat and you will know something is not exactly right. That is a gift. I don’t fear Friday the 13th because nothing is more likely to happen to me today than tomorrow if God wills. Don’t fear FEAR, be grateful for it.

A friend of mine posted the following on Facebook and I Love the way she put it:

“Fear of Friday the 13th is based on superstition, and as such it has no place in the mind or hea…